Manual Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence

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Any immersive, personalized, context-aware and anticipatory characteristics brings up societal, political and cultural concerns about the loss of privacy. The example scenario above shows both the positive and negative possibilities offered by ambient intelligence. Applications of ambient intelligence do not necessarily have to reduce privacy in order to work. Power concentration in large organizations, a fragmented, decreasingly private society and hyperreal environments where the virtual is indistinguishable from the real are the main topics of critics.

New thinking on AmI distances itself therefore from some of the original characteristics such as adaptive and anticipatory behaviour and emphasizes empowerment and participation to place control in the hands of people instead of organizations. The ISTAG advisory group suggests that the following characteristics will permit the societal acceptance of ambient intelligence.

This means of computing links all pieces of technology together. This also allows the device to have the capability to remember past requests. Several research groups have been founded to tackle the question of the manifestations of ambient intelligence—what can be done and what will the actions most probably result in:. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Ambient intelligence Wikipedia open wikipedia design.

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Retrieved A macro-analysis of scholarly publications". Journal of Documentation. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. MIT Media Lab. Archived from the original on Journal of Digital Information.

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Universidad de. Hochschule-Luzern in German. MESH Cities. Ambient intelligence. Emerging technologies. Agricultural robot Cellular agriculture Closed ecological systems Cultured meat Genetically modified food Precision agriculture Vertical farming. Arcology Building printing Contour crafting Domed city.

SWAMI Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence

Bionic contact lens Head-mounted display Head-up display Optical head-mounted display Virtual retinal display. It is aimed to deliver a wellbeing monitoring and assistive environment to support elderly lives independently, in control of their day to Ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence: New challenges for computing j. It refers to an exciting new paradigm of information technology, in which people are empowered through a digital environment that is aware of their A survey of service composition in ambient intelligence environments free download Abstract This article presents a comparative review of systems performing service composition in Ambient Intelligence Environments.

Such environments should comply to ubiquitous or pervasive computing guidelines by sensing the user needs or wishes and The battle of concepts: Ubiquitous Computing, pervasive computing and ambient intelligence in Mass Media free download ABSTRACT For the past two decades the concepts of ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing and ambient intelligence have been used to describe the Internet of Things.

It looks at the challenges and bottlenecks facing the realisation of the Intelligent agile agents: Active enablers for ambient intelligence free download This paper advocates the use of mobile intentional agents as a key enabler in the delivery of ambient intelligence. Ambient computing as an ideal demands levels of functional attainment that have hithertofar not been realised. Ambient applications demand that the Ubiquitous sensor networks in IMS: an ambient intelligence Telco platform free download Ubiquitous Sensor Network USN concept describes the integration of heterogeneous and geographically dispersed Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks WSAN into rich information infrastructures for accurate representation and access to different dynamic user's On the role of graspable objects in the ambient intelligence paradigm free download Abstract Ambient Intelligence refers to a vision of the future, in which people are empowered by an electronic environment that is aware of their presence, and is sensitive and responsive to their needs.

It aims at improving the quality of life by creating the desired atmosphere and Agent-based Architecture in An Ambient Intelligence Context. It is based on previous Middleware for ambient intelligence environments: Reviewing requirements and communication technologies free download Ambient Intelligence is an emerging research field that aims to make many of the everyday activities of people easier and more efficient.

This new paradigm gives rise to opportunities for novel, more efficient interactions with computing systems.

Ambient Intelligence IEEE PAPER

At a technical level, the vision Middleware for in-door ambient intelligence: the polyomaton system free download Abstract Ubiquitous computing environments are highly distributed, heterogeneous, complex and context-aware. Therefore, they require emerging middleware components and paradigms, which significantly extend the capabilities of conventional middleware systems.

This paper starts out by introducing the Landscapes category at the Joint International Conference on Ambient Intelligence AmI and provides an overview over the two sessions. The main part of the paper presents a framework for the role of Ambient Identity, profiling algorithms and a world of ambient intelligence free download Abstract The tendency towards an increasing integration of the informational web into our daily physical world in particular in so-called Ambient Intelligent technologies which combine ideas derived from the field of Ubiquitous Computing, Intelligent User Interfaces Ambient intelligence and simulation in health care virtual scenarios free download The success of change depends greatly on the ability to respond to human needs and to bridge the gap between humans and machines, and understanding the environment.

With such experience, in addition to extensive practice in managing change, knowledge sharing 14 The role of Ambient Intelligence in the Social Integration of the Elderly free download Abstract. Society is facing the challenge of demographic changes resulting in a larger proportion of older people. ICTs, may potentially mitigate some of the difficulties created by an ageing society. New technologies, like Wi-Fi networks and 3rd generation mobile phones, are offering the infrastructure to conceive Ambient Intelligence in the classroom: an augmented school desk free download ABSTRACT This paper discusses the opportunities and challenges of Ambient Intelligence AmI technologies in the context of classroom education, and presents the methodology and preliminary results of the development of an augmented school desk which integrates Development of Ambient Intelligence Applications using Components and Aspects.

One of the main challenges in the development of these systems is to improve their modularization in order to achieve a high degree of reusability, adaptability and Towards secure agent computing for ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence free download After a first phase of great activity in the field of multi-agent systems, researchers seemed to lose interest in the paradigm, mainly due to the lack of scenarios where the highly distributed nature of these systems could be appropriate.

Ambient intelligence AmI is a growing interdisciplinary area where the focus is shifted towards users instead of merely emphasizing the technological opportunities of AmI. Different methods are employed to understand the adoption of AmI appliances by users. Reasoning about Context in Ambient Intelligence Environments free download So far, most ambient computing frameworks have followed fully centralized approaches, while others have used blackboard and shared memory paradigms.

Collecting the reasoning tasks in a central entity certainly has advantages in terms of control and Abstract Systems for Ambient Intelligence environments involve at some stage a service composition task, as a mean of adaptability to the context changes.

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However, users generally find themselves involved in the composition task, by selecting or deciding what to Workflow mining application to ambient intelligence behavior modeling free download The handmade human behavior modeling requires too many human resources and for too long a time. In addition, the final result does probably not reflect the current status of the person due to the influence of time.

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The use on Workflow Mining techniques to infer human Ultra-low power computation and communication enables ambient intelligence free download Ultra-low Power Computation and Communication enables AmbientIntelligence Jan M. This paper introduces the horizontal, interdisciplinary, crossthematic RTD Programme in the field of Ambient Intelligence which has recently been initiated by the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, Dialogue control algorithm for ambient intelligence based on partially observable Markov decision processes free download Abstract.

From the viewpoint of supporting users' natural dialogue communication with conversational agents, their dialogue management has to determine any agent's action, based on probabilistic methods derived from noisy data through sensors in the real world. Agent-based group modelling for ambient intelligence free download Abstract.

Ambient intelligence allows physical environments to become sensitive and responsive to the presence of people and objects.

Ambient intelligence

An environment endowed with ambient intelligence is able to analyse its contexts, adapt itself to the presence of people and objects Abstract Profiling technologies are the facilitating force behind the vision of Ambient Intelligence in which everyday devices are connected and embedded with all kinds of smart characteristics enabling them to take decisions in order to serve our preferences without us Abstract. This paper describes a multi-national study evaluating the perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use of Ambient Intelligence AmI applications in office environments.

In a first step, existing usage scenarios were analyzed to identify characteristic functionalities Recently there has been increasing research into mobile physiological sensing devices to explore the benefits in the areas of monitoring health and well-being. However, previous works have mainly focused on functionality, and less so on affective shape, comfort use, and Towards Human Centered Ambient Intelligence free download In this paper we present a novel approach to the integration of humans into AmI environments. The key aspect of the concept which we call human centered Ami is a dynamic and active user model which creates a virtual doppelganger of the user on software Ambient Intelligence represents a vision of the future where people are surrounded by electronic artifacts and environments, sensitive and responsive.

Ambient intelligence technologies are expected to combine concepts of ubiquitous computing and intelligent Natural language processing for ambient intelligence. Both research fields have been rapidly growing and evolving over recent years, substantially Building ambient intelligence into a ubiquitous computing management system free download Abstract:The ANS is a ubiquitous computing management tool, designed to mimic the Autonomic Nervous System of living creatures.

Its job is to manage an intelligent distributed environment for e-medicine applications. AmI systems are usually based on several cheap and unobtrusive sensing Ambient Intelligence AmI scenarios place strong emphasis on the fact that interaction takes place through natural interfaces, in such a way that people can perceive the presence of smart objects only when needed. We proceed through IBCI applications describing how machines can A case-based approach to realising ambient intelligence among agents free download Abstract This thesis presents a multi-agent based architecture and implementation to realising ambient intelligence.

The architecture separates the abilities of an ambient intelligent system into three main areas: the ability to perceive the world which the system Using ambient intelligence for disaster management free download Abstract.

This paper presents an architecture to help the decision making process of disaster managers. Here we focus on a core aspect of this process which is taking decisions in the presence of conflicting options. We exemplify this problem with three simple scenarios A common-sense planning strategy for ambient intelligence free download Systems for Ambient Intelligence contexts are expected to exhibit an autonomous and intelligent behavior, by understanding and reacting to the activities that take place in such contexts.

These activities, specially those labeled as trivial or simple tasks, are carried out in The design and anticipated adoption of ambient intelligence in the home free download The studies described in this thesis were partly financially supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO and by the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology CTIT of the University of Twente. It has received high attention related to the demographic shift and the positive options of care and support for elderly 4.

They show how the technology can assist people with disabilities in their day to day Ambient intelligence based architecture for automated dynamic environments free download Abstract. This paper presents an Ambient Intelligence based architecture that uses intelligent agents with reasoning and planning mechanisms.