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  3. Optimal Control Theory with Aerospace Applications | AIAA Education Series
  4. Geometric optimal control and applications to aerospace

This is the first book that begins from scratch to teach the reader the basic principles of the calculus of variations, develop the necessary conditions step-by-step, and introduce the elementary computational techniques of optimal control. This book, with problems and an online solution manual, provides the graduate-level reader with enough introductory knowledge so that he or she can not only read the literature and study the next level textbook but can also apply the theory to find optimal solutions in practice.

No more is needed than the usual background of an undergraduate engineering, science, or mathematics program: namely calculus, differential equations, and numerical integration.

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Although finding optimal solutions for these problems is a complex process involving the calculus of variations, the authors carefully lay out step-by-step the most important theorems and concepts. Numerous examples are worked to demonstrate how to apply the theories to everything from classical problems e.

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Throughout the book use is made of the time-optimal launch of a satellite into orbit as an important case study with detailed analysis of two examples: launch from the Moon and launch from Earth. For launching into the field of optimal solutions, look no further! Server: zeoclient Generation took 0. Promotional Toolkit.

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Engineering Data Module Beta. This Reference is not available in your current subscription. Notify your administrator of your interest. Optimal Control Theory with Aerospace Applications Details Optimal control theory is a mathematical optimization method with important applications in the aerospace industry. Unlike other books on the subject, the text places optimal control theory within a historical perspective.

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Following the historical introduction are five chapters dealing with theory and five dealing with primarily aerospace applications. The theoretical section follows the calculus of variations approach, while also covering topics such as gradient methods, adjoint analysis, hodograph perspectives, and singular control. The applications section contains case studies in areas such as atmospheric flight, rocket performance, and missile guidance. The cases chosen are those that demonstrate some new computational aspects, are historically important, or are connected to the legacy of H. To keep the mathematical level at that of graduate students in engineering, rigorous proofs of many important results are not given, while the interested reader is referred to more mathematical sources.

Problem sets are included.

Optimal Control Theory with Aerospace Applications | AIAA Education Series

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Geometric optimal control and applications to aerospace

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Historical Background. View Section, 2. View Section, 3. Calculus of Variations - From Bernoulli to Bliss.